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Cliffs, Glenbrittle

Cliffs, Glenbrittle, Skye

Loch Brittle, Isle of Skye

In a conversation with an experienced minister, I realised that the number one reason children don’t want to come to church or participate in worship is that they hear their parents and grandparents criticise their minister around the dinner table. Why would they ever want to put themselves in that position?? Think!

Next time when you feel like criticising someone to elevate your own sense of self, think about the collateral damage!

People come to church if there is love there. Criticism is to love as oil is to water. They do not mix. Ever. Repent of this spirit of criticism and see new life emerging!

To the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.
Jerry Seinfeld, on the fear of public speaking

I can imagine the meeting before this signpost was installed: “Ummm… we have a problem, sir… We printed the ‘Golf House’ arrow facing the wrong way.” “And? THAT’s a problem? It should be obvious what to do about that!” “Print another one?”

In bloom

Grass carpet

Which way?

  • In the "Big Bang Theory", Sheldon struggles to accept that his conservative Christian widowed mother is having sex with some man with a perfect 'booty'. Finally he says to her:
  • Sheldon: "This is very confusing... I want you to be happy, so I will condemn you internally, while maintaining an outward appearance of acceptance."
  • Mother: "Awww... That is so Christian of you!"
  • Genius!